Friday, May 29, 2015

Vietnamese Street Food in Berlin - District Mot

There are plenty of Vietnamese restaurants and food in Berlin but not all of them are great. When I happen to encounter the one I like, I will most likely have to write it down here. Not all I have visited, I highlight here. Only the one I like or really interesting to share. 

I like to have little exploration around the corner of Häckeschermarkt where a lot of designers and artists are. Sometimes I see a new shop opens and a few months later, it just disappear. But more opening than closing down, I think. I walk quite often along this alte schönhauser str and Rosenthaler street. I have never noticed this restaurant before - District Mot. I did not try at first when I saw it but I notice it down in the list to try. Finally, I am here. 

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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The new building is coming to life…

High time for a sneak peek inside the new building: some of the rooms already look kind of ready to move in…

Okay, they only look like they are for now, but one can get a way better idea of what it will be like inside our new EC home: many walls have been painted, the wooden oak floor is already in place pretty much everywhere, the bathroom walls are being tiled and the sinks installed, or one can even get excited about switches and plugs that are … uhmmm… almost functioning already. ;)

The interiors surely are going to develop quickly now until the inauguration of the new building with Gyalwa Karmapa on August 2nd. We’ll keep you updated!

Spring cleaning everywhere

EC spring would not be EC spring without some good friends from the neighboring sanghas keeping with tradition to come for a weekend of fun and helping to thoroughly clean the EC Villa.

No spider web is high enough not to be spotted, no gap too narrow to be cleaned – now the villa is really shining right in time for the statue exhibition starting on May 31st at 15:00. Every Sunday afternoon until June 28th, the Villa will be open to visitors to admire the precious Buddhist statue art on display in the monument-protected, century-old Art Nouveau building. As is tradition, the statue exhibition is going to be topped off by the annual Classical Music Summer Matinée under the arcades of Gut Hochreute on June 28th at 11am.

And last but not least, with a weekend of crawling under them, screwing and welding broken parts, our utility vehicles were well taken care of in order to be ready for the Summer course build-up and countless drives up and down the mountain transporting people and cargo wherever needed.

Big Summer Course Team Meeting

The EC has grown over the last year and the Summer Course will grow this year. Lucky enough, this year for the first time we had much more space to host the friends and for the team to have meetings all over the place.

Since the Summer Course is going to take place one week earlier than usual this year and we will be able to welcome H.H. the 17th Karmapa Trinley Thaye Dorje, Jigme Rinpche, Sherab Gyaltsen Rinpoche and Lama Ole Nydahl along with many guests for the inauguration of the new buildings and two weeks packed with program, many details in its organization need to be adapted accordingly.

But that’s by far not the only thing that will be very different this year. In time for the course, the rooms in the new building are going to be ready for use. And what better way to inaugurate them on a practical level than by hosting our highest teachers in their new rooms and friends from all over the world doing their Summer course teams’ work for the course inside of them! There will be meeting rooms, laundry kitchen, accommodation and more for parts of the team in the new building.

Also nice to know for everyone coming for the summer course: our beautiful new gompa will be open for everyone to do their personal meditation practice also during the course. Below on the ground floor, the course’s Dharma shops of the course will transform our Pub into a shopping paradise.

The Summer Course team is ready for the building-up weekends and warmly invites everyone to join them for the joyful building up of 2015′s International Summer Course at the Europe Center!

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Apple tree action

The terraces above the Europe Center are getting a new look: many apple trees have been planted over the past weeks, lining the paths leading up to the summer course plateau. This will give the plateau a beautiful park-like atmosphere, protect the slopes from landslides and provide shading for the tents.

Even in the pouring rain, our sangha friends dug holes, put wire fence protection for the roots, carefully put the young trees into the ground, protecting the stems with covers and tying them to wooden poles so they will stay in place in any kind of Allgäu weather. We are looking forward to lots of beautiful white and pink apple blossoms on our hill next spring. For the apples, we might still have to wait another year or two. ;)

Beautiful EC Spring

Every year around May, the Allgäu region turns yellow for a few weeks, with a few white and pink spots in between. By popular demand, here’s our annual blog post celebrating the beauty of nature coming back to life. We let the pictures do the talking!

More spring action

To support the construction works, our sangha is taking over quite a few jobs as well by now. Doing what is possible ourselves saves thousands of Euros – and it’s fun as well!

As soon as the weather conditions allowed, the works for our future terrace in front of the barn started, measuring the area, preparing the base and drilling huge screws into the ground. Every weekend, the construction site of the new building is tidied up and cleaned.